Acquiring wealth through paper

Many people work hard to acquire what some would consider wealth. A proper definition of wealth doesn’t single handedly include money. In fact, money has no intrinsic value such as gold, silver, etc. In order to justify a moral reasoning behind the acquiring of money, one should have a different mindset toward their end goal.

Before I continue, I must state that I understand it is very common for people to have a narrow vision toward wanting more “dollars”, considering this is how you fund living and the activities that involve living.

However, once someone has decided they want money, more money, and lots of money, with no sincere reasoning behind it, they have just entered into the needy-greedy category. People are wrapped up in more work, just to receive more pay, so they can splurge on luxurious items. This isn’t wrong, nor should one be criticized for enjoying vacation and relaxation after they have worked hard. But one should be criticized if they perform these actions without helping the people who are unable to channel the hard-working qualities that these blessed individuals possess. Lets be clear, there is a huge difference between unwilling and unable. Someone who is physically or mentally unable to work or perform over a certain level of proficiency is considered unable. A certain level can meet a variety of things from a lower income type of job, to not being able to work. Then there is unwilling. Unwilling is best described as the type of people who are lazy, do not want to work because they would rather lounge around, and decide not to work hard when they are physically and mentally able.

Once someone gives to the unable, it will help their spiritual emotions, whether they are religious or not. They can continue to enjoy leisure time knowing they have made a difference in someone’s life, and not feel guilty for consuming over the average consumptions, knowing other people are struggling.

Don’t be greedy. It is okay to be needy, But only after you have reached out to the unfortunate and helped “feedy”.

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