Drowning in Money

Obsessive compulsive money attachment
absent of empathy, feeling stagnant
the heart depleted in fragments, overcome with sadness
wealth is like a magnet
passion for it flows like fire from a dragon
bragging, about the accumulated cash
face sagging with sadness, like a diaper rash
embrace the sad thing of an empty feeling
from chasing the lifelong fad, instead of empathy dealing.
your greed is as high as a symphony ceiling
evil is peeling from your face
reveal the disgust in your chase
for more, and more, and more
there is not one thing you truly adore
mount a life with fanciness as your core,
settle down and enjoy a true life of bore
rot away and ferociously hide your frowns
with hidden emotions, that of a clown.
Wait, what’s that sound,
gurgling, money, making you drown.

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