Spread some bread

Horizontal form taking place late at night,
light starts to set, and dreams start to fight.
A struggle is abrupt with the thoughts in my head,
construct and instruct with the words never said.
Spread the meaning of caring for all,
Stall to express the way the world seems to fall,
Greed and selfishness seems to take form
Succeed with selflessness and make it a new norm.
Brainstorm a new thought toward a lighter sky,
Fly with the empathetic and brighter guy.
Pry the greed and lust from thoughts,
Try and be the trust that’s sought.
Every day is a new day to clean
the hearts and minds of a money feen.
Spread the word through sentiment
Work toward love, where all time is spent.
Nothing else matters but the spread of some feels,
Giving a portion of bread, and delivering chills.

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