Homeless Greed

A homeless man sits in front of a store with a sign
I offer him some water and he says “I’ll be fine”

He didn’t want a drink, but thirsted for some change
Something was mystique, something was strange,
I didn’t know the depth of this man’s pain
So questioning his intent, this I refrained

He wanted three dollars for a bus fare
I hesitated while feeling his glare
It resonated that for this man, life wasn’t fair
So I stood up, I grew a pair

I handed him the cash for the sum of a ride
Then his intentions flashed, he didn’t hide

The next person walked by and he wanted some more
I was shocked, my jaw fell to the floor.

My empathy was played like a fool
I picked up my jaw and wiped off the drool

The knowledge I erected was greater than the loss
Next time I’ll direct the man to the red cross.

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