Looking for a sign?

Open your eyes and see more than YOU
Find something other than lies to SPEW
Take out a board game and find a CLUE
Looking for a sign? Here’s your CUE

Don’t pretend to give a WHAT
Fancy clothes and a fancy STRUT
No fashion can hide that GUT
Gluttony with a side of DONUT

Feed the ones who are UNABLE
it doesn’t have to be a FABLE
Start with identifying your own LABEL
Giving and caring can make you STABLE

Adam and Eve or Adam and STEVE
Who cares, just BELIEVE
in something other than RECIEVE
A kind heart is what you’ll ACHIEVE

Don’t mourn the loss of the something you give
That is the solution to which we live.
Forgive and let go of the ways you were taught
After a while you’ll lose the distraught

Work hard for the ones you adore
Don’t get rich and leave others poor

Wake up in a bed with pillows of fluff
Let your loved ones live a life other than rough.

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