Help, I’m bleeding

My pockets are emptying quick

The money is flowing in the form of magma

It’s burning holes in my pants on the way out

I spend spend spend

but don’t acquire anything other than false hope

I love the way things look

but they have no particular meaning

something is wrong

it’s my soul

something needs to change

my habits

Guide me to the light

Change my meaning

deliver knowledge

so I can progress to a more meaningful future.

3 thoughts on “Bleeding

  1. if i had the power to make all things alright
    with all human suffering and certainly your plight
    my writing my poetry would have to end
    holes in pockets relatively easy to mend
    broken souls if I had the power I’d fix them too
    but i know you know that that’s down to you

    Thanks for the inspiration, best wishes,


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