No feeling in my toes.

my legs are propped up on the desk

while my adrenaline pumps

as I watch the stocks fall.

Fall further and further as my heart sinks

The only love I have is for money

because I’m greed and I’m a piece

a piece of work that only works for money

the love of money is the love of evil is the love of nothing other than the love of disaster

If you put a one hundred dollar bill under a tractor

you can find me reaching under it even if it’s turned on

risk, risk, risk.

It’s the loss of feeling because of the feeling of a piece of paper.


2 thoughts on “Numbness

  1. This week I experienced the loss of feeling at the loss of the life of my son in law…his death coming after a very long illness… very much like your reach under the wheels of your tractor, we reached under the weight of death, in hopes that we could save him… I like the way your write…

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