Arguing with No Words

Meaningful poems
Pondering the arguments spewed across the hall
I wonder if I’m even really listening at all

I hear yelling but no words
Like the sound of chirping from birds

There is no meaningful flow, people yelling just to yell
Delivering demeaning blows to each other like hate mail

Failing at life, not realizing their hate
Wailing a knife, with their verbal debate

It’s too late to stop, it’s already begun
The argument can’t be dropped after it’s spun.

Spinning out of control
Burning, fueled by coal
Contemplating what’s the toll
No one can win, so why be on a roll.

Someone has to end the argument at hand
No one wants to give up their gained land

So one decides to walk out into the hall
They never come back and the other just falls.

Balling out in tears from the mistaken words that were given
Wishing they could turn back time from the moments they were living.

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