A Solution to Conversing

A wonderful being slithered ever so gently into the crowd, wandering for hours, wishing someone would approach him and offer a meaningful conversation. The estranged look on the face of the being went unnoticed. Eyes were toward the ground in a gaze which no face could break. The screens of the mobile devices lit up as fingers slid across screens with no clear direction.

Was there no one who had any conversation to offer? No. Conversations were already taking place through the nonverbal communication of fingers repeatedly pressed to telephone screens. There was mass amounts of laughter through messages, but not a single person was actually laughing.

The being recognized the habitat he was living in and decided to act on an idea. A randomly placed hammer just so happened to be drawing the eye of the being, who held such a magnificent idea. He embraced it and inhaled one deep breath before proceeding to conquer the challenge he instilled upon himself..

After roughly ten minutes, smashed phones appeared everywhere along the street, as this technology seeming to have it’s own mind, had not one last thought left to give. And the world was a better place.

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