I saw money almost take my brothers life
All out of options, he almost didn’t survive.

I performed CPR for twelve minutes, in the middle of the night
Hoping the oxygen in his brain would come back and fight.

His face was blue and lips were pale
He didn’t respond to my worrisome yell.

Gasping for air because he couldn’t breathe
Every minute he’d let out a weave.

I was compressing his chest for twelve long minutes
My arms were getting heavy and I almost couldn’t finish.

But I was fighting for his love
that’s my brother, and he’s not ready to go above.

He drank too much and popped some pills
He made the wrong decision and could no longer feel.

He still has his life because the lord isn’t done
with letting him live and showing his son.

That there is a reason he’s on this earth
He was given a way of life since birth.

No damage to the kidney, liver, or brain
It’s a  sun managing to come out from the rain.

Love is what kept him okay
I wouldn’t have given up until my face was grey
I prayed so much, and the lord delivered
I know I must not only take, but now be a giver.

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