The dots on your skin begin to make me itch
Looking at you more is how I get my fix.

Addicts know the struggle I get when I’m away
All I want to do is keep my glare on your array.

I say I love you less than I really do
I’ll say it until my voice box is through

I’m like cocoa, the barkless dog
I can’t get my point across, like rays in the fog.

Words can only deliver so much meaning
Staring at you feels like I’m day dreaming.

How much more rays will the sun shine on your skin
The freckles have no sign of a beginning or end.

Send me your love and I’ll send it right back
Attached are these meaningful words that don’t lack

Luster or beaming rays of light
Because your love and beauty are stronger than dynamite.

6 thoughts on “Freckles

  1. I love your style… Always great writing from you, very impressive 🙂

    Keep up the great work!


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