Poetry about giving
In the moments of struggle
Greed is what we juggle

Should we care about our self
Hide from others attempting to be stealth

Acting like we don’t see anyone else’s pain
Draining our pockets, straining to stay sane.
Refraining from trying to be vain
While mainly, harsh feelings are gaining on our brain, like a train

Staying humble and keeping dignity alive
Revive the drive inside you and try not to connive

Life is more than just keeping what you earn
Unlearn to yearn for those simplistic roots of a fern.
Stern face on because deeper and blunt meaning is found ahead
Shed the feelings of want, and stop listening to what is said

Don’t dread giving some bread, if meat is on your plate
But instead offer more and invite one into your estate.

2 thoughts on “Estate

  1. I love your video approach. You have a nice voice, easy to listen to. This feels like a very wise choice that will get your moving poetry heard.


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