Hurricane Harvey

hurricane harvey houston flood poetry

So many people affected from the rain
Others complaining about people going insane.

Imagine if you lost everything you had
You’d be polluted with feelings other than sad.

Mad is what would be on your mind
With no direction, not even one sign.

So let those people grieve
Because you better believe.

If it was you with their shoes on your feet
You wouldn’t be telling anyone to take a seat.

Shut up and move along
These words are wrong.

Sing a new song, and make a new tune
Who knows? You could be hit with that rain soon.

4 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey

  1. I live my life according God’s Word and His life in me is why my outlook on life isn’t based on circumstances. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all saying that what the survivors of Harvey aren’t going through horrible things right now. What I’m saying is that whether my day is good or bad, I’m always going to be good because Jesus lives in me. That how I want to live my life.


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