The Author: I’m a natural introvert, and I love to converse with people. I am shy at first, but when I get to know people I can be very talkative. I love expressing my feelings verbally. I analyze almost every situation in life, so when I write there are complex connections through different words and sentences. I was in the military for four years and that helped my discipline, which also helped my road to success in life(still journeying). I have a very empathetic heart that feels for everyone. I started writing poetry when I was a young being. I deviated from writing as time grew, but I came back to it because it is one of the factors that keeps me calm in a hectic world.

I work hard to try and attain the hopes and dreams I had as a young child. Everyone wants to be successful in their own way. I want to be wealthy just like most of the world. Everyone has their own definition of wealth. Although I do love to write about poems of how giving is the key to happiness, I do believe that you need to obtain a certain amount of money to enjoy certain things in life. I do feel as though people should give to less fortunate individuals, to try and help out if they have excess funds just lying around. What better source of happiness is there other than family, love, laughter, and finding joy in helping others?

  • This website was created with the intent to inspire individuals to open their eyes with the different options they possess when it comes to spending their resources.
  • This site will consist of poems, articles, rants, and free-thinking.
  • Often the content posted will be from the primary author. Once in a blue moon, content posted here will consist of writing’s from others, while  containing the appropriate citing.
  • This is an empathetic based site considering all outlooks of life when publishing postings.
  • No person or persons shall be discriminated against in such a way that it is a hate crime, throughout the postings on this site.
  • We will not allow hate speech in any comments submitted to any blog posts.

“Sharing deep thoughts and ideas is the key to connecting”

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