Words of Motivation

  1. I make my own decisions. No one will force anything on me.

  2. I’ve got air in my lungs and I’m going to use this tool I was given to accomplish anything I want!

  3. I will take this day and make it mine.

  4. The world will not get me down today.

  5. Anything that is thrown toward me will be caught.

  6. There will be one person today that is in a better mood after I converse with them.

  7. Show me a challenge and I shall overcome.

  8. There is no one more beautiful inside and out.

  9. If I am down today, I shall remember that I am unique and special.

  10. No one can ruin my day because I control my destiny.

  11. The tough times I go through are short compared to the life I am given.

  12. My glass that I pour is almost full.

  13. Lets take this day and make the most of it.

  14. I will make one person laugh today.

  15. Every day I learn something new, I get that much smarter.

  16. There are others going through more than I am.

  17. Someone out there can use a friend, and I am that friend.

  18. There is something positive In myself that no one else has.

  19. I will make the most of my day and teach someone something.

  20. When I see someone on the road I will make them smile because they are going through a tougher time than I am.

  21. I will prepare myself for the challenges the world throws at me, and then conquer those challenges.

  22. I shall keep in mind as I stroll through the day, that I am full of greatness.

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