Arguing with No Words

Meaningful poems

Pondering the arguments spewed across the hall I wonder if I’m even really listening at all I hear yelling but no words Like the sound of chirping from birds There is no meaningful flow, people yelling just to yell Delivering demeaning blows to each other like hate mail Failing at life, not realizing their hate […]

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Sitting in my rocking chair zoned out with an eye-locking stare Contemplating how life isn’t fair But on a better thought, who cares Glares from myself, to my self Trying to think of my wealth Not money but self worth I’ve gained nothing since birth What does it mean to gain? It depends on if […]

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Pity Reflection

Looking at my reflection in the mirror I see self pity, it couldn’t be clearer I feel bad for this person who can’t achieve working hard to worsen what others believe There’s a problem with the way most of the world thinks I can explain it in a way where I can be frank Bank […]

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